Accidental Damage Restoration

Accidental damage can occur from the moment the flooring is fitted. Such damage includes scratches, dents, gouges, scorch marks, water marks, chemical reactions and liquid or paint spills.

Impact or Abrasion Damage

Depending on the depth of scratch marks and indentations, these can often be resolved by stripping, sanding, reapplying a finish and polishing the floor. Missing or severely damaged blocks can be replaced using reclaimed timber, carefully toned to blend with surrounding areas.

Spillage Marks

Marks in the finish can be removed by stripping the surface, reapplying a matching finish and polishing the floor. Sometimes, spillage residue from more viscous solutions such as paint may not penetrate beyond the protective finish coating although a DIY removal attempt would often remove the finish sheen.

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Water Damage Restoration

Water Marks

Marks in the finish can be taken out by stripping the surface, reapplying a matching finish and polishing the floor.

Loose Blocks or Boards

As wood absorbs water, it swells causing the flooring compound and adhesive to break down, resulting in blocks becoming loose and lifting, potentially creating a trip hazard. This is often caused by rising damp or flood damage. Affected areas can be lifted to facilitate sub-floor moisture removal. Smoothing compounds and damp proof membranes are used to provide a durable sub-floor surface. Flooring can then be refitted and finished to restore its original lustre.

Flood Damage

Where the whole floor area has been flooded, the entire floor can be lifted to facilitate sub-floor moisture removal. Smoothing compounds and damp proof membranes are used to provide a durable sub-floor surface. Flooring can then be refitted and finished to restore its original lustre.

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Fire Damage Restoration

Burn Damage

Scorch marks can often be removed using localised repair techniques.

Soot Residue

Residue from a fire or chimney soot fall can be removed using specialist wood cleaning and conditioning processes to lift ingrained carbon and soot deposits, and re-finish the surface to restore the floor back to its pre-incident condition.

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Heritage Flooring Conservation

For timber floors in historic homes or other listed properties, our conservation team provides a full conservation service to prolong the life of the original materials and finishes in an informed and sympathetic way, avoiding the need of replacement or restoration.

Our craftsmen can carry out localised repairs to skillfully remove unsightly marks using carefully developed finishing techniques. Where necessary, we can repair or patch in severe damage areas using reclaimed timber, carefully toned to blend with adjacent areas and replicating the patina of the original floor.

For conservation projects, Ravenoak can provide a consultancy service. This includes surveying and monitoring the flooring condition, providing a Conservation Report detailing the condition assessment, with recommendations and priorities for treatment to enable effective targeting of funds.

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Unrivalled Conservation Craftsmanship

A family-run business with more than 45 years’ experience, we specialise in restoring and conserving the beauty and originality of structural and decorative woodwork, stonework and masonry in modern and historic properties, including listed buildings.

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