Unrivalled Conservation Craftsmanship

Natural Stone Restoration

Stone fixtures such as floors, walls, columns, frontages and other architectural features can become damaged in various ways over time.

Ravenoak has a specialist team dedicated to the sympathetic restoration and conservation of stone and masonry structures. This requires a detailed knowledge of the chemical structure of different stones so as to select compatible chemicals for cleaning and bonding purposes.

Where staining or soiling has occurred, sensitive cleaning chemicals and processes are used to remove evidence of discolouration. Where appropriate, specialist sealants are used to provide a long-lasting protective surface.

Over time, stone can crumble and break down as a result of weathering etc. Where this has occurred, the defective stone can be removed back to a sound substrate and replaced with new or reclaimed stone to match the original. Stone masonry can be repointed or grouted to provide a durable bonding to the substrate.

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Unrivalled Conservation Craftsmanship

A family-run business with more than 45 years’ experience, we specialise in restoring and conserving the beauty and originality of structural and decorative woodwork, stonework and masonry in modern and historic properties, including listed buildings.

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