The perfect finish

Interior finishes

Decorative interior environments should remain as impressive as they were originally created to be, but over time damage can occur. As well as fading due to exposure to light, surfaces can become scratched, dented or marked, while fire, flooding, rising damp, chemical reactions and spillages can cause widespread harm.

Our restoration specialists are experts in reversing damage and re-establishing original appearances and surface finishes which reflect the craftsman’s intention and retain patination and handling marks – key indicators of use and age that tell the environment’s history.

Our aim is always to conserve as much as possible of the original materials used and carefully tone any replacement materials to blend with surrounding areas.

Our expertise includes, but is not limited to:

Fine painting, including murals and specially-commissioned decorations

Our fine art team uses specialist conservation processes to stabilise existing surfaces and replicate original finishes.

Paint effects

Our skilled painters can re-create a variety of effects, including wood graining and marbling.


We carry out both water and oil gilding using gold or silver leaf, using original methods and materials. This includes using genuine 24-carat gold leaf where necessary to maintain authentic value.

Veneers – marquetry, parquetry and other inlays

When re-laying veneers, our experts painstakingly cut each individual piece by hand, colour it to blend with the original and use specialist glues to bond it to the surface.


Our team can touch out surface damage and restore most types of finish, including high-gloss lacquers and hand-finished polishes. Our expertise includes oriental lacquer and European japanned finishes.

Fabrics – tapestries, embroidery panels and fabric walling

We provide a specialist cleaning and restoration service for a variety of fabric decorations. This includes using original weaving techniques to repair tears and snags, as well as stain, odour and residue removal.

An invisible art

Restoration is an invisible art. Done sensitively, the many hours of meticulous planning and preparation, skilled craftsmanship and dedicated, loving care that go into bringing an object or environment back to its best are invisible to all but the most trained and experienced eye. Our restoration specialists are experts in reversing damage and re-establishing original appearances and finishes in both small and large areas of work.

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